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Register as a new patient and receive FREE teeth whitening for LIFE!*

The award winning Dental Studio are offering FREE teeth whitening for the REST OF THEIR LIFE to every new patient that registers with the practice in their spectacular summer offer!

If you’re in need of a new dentist and would like to receive a professional teeth whitening procedure, then this offer is for you! Teeth whitening has become a very popular way for people to increase their self-confidence and reverse years of gradual staining of the teeth due to aging, eating certain foods, or using tobacco. Discoloured teeth can make a patient self-conscious, but at The Dental Studio, we want all patients to look their best and feel confident about their smile.

Principal Dentist at The Dental Studio, Dr Martina Hodgson comments “This is an incredible offer for new patients who want to register at our practice and can also benefit from receiving free teeth whitening FOR LIFE as part of our special summer offer!”

The practice, which recently won BEST TEAM IN THE UK at the Dentistry awards 2017, is based in Wakefield West Yorkshire. It offers a broad range of dental service, including dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, teeth straightening and now new patients can receive a free teeth whitening when you schedule an appointment, all you have to do is quote WHITENING18 when contacting the practice. The offer entitles each new patient to receive our custom made bleaching trays, which are recommended to achieve a brighter, whiter result when considering a tooth whitening solution.

This unbelievable offer is only available until 31st August, so get registering now to take advantage, you can do this here.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about this offer 01924 822097, follow us on Twitter, Instagram and like us on Facebook.

*Terms and conditions apply

This offer refers to at home whitening using custom made bleaching trays which the dentist will prescribe and give detailed advice on how to use. It does not refer to the Zoom! in-surgery whitening.

To claim this offer you are required to be dentally fit, however if you require additional treatment, our dedicated team will put a plan together to achieve this.

Not everyone is suitable for teeth whitening and results may vary between individuals based on a variety of factors. Your dentist will assess you for suitability and explain your expected outcome.

The whitening would be limited to 1 syringe of bleach per year after the initial course of treatment and this would be dependent on the patient attending The Dental Studio for a dental exam at least once a year.

If the patient does not attend for a period of over one year, they will no longer be eligible for the offer and if the patient does not attend for two years they will be deregistered and if they decide to re-register, they will no longer be eligible for the offer.

If the patient requires more bleach than this they will be required to pay the full cost of the bleach.

If replacement bleaching trays are deemed necessary by the dentist due to natural change in position of teeth or non-cosmetic work carried out on teeth in the interim or wear of the trays, the patient would be liable for the cost of the lab fee only to replace them. If the trays are lost, damaged due to misuse or no longer fit due to orthodontic or cosmetic work being carried out, the patient will be liable for the full cost of replacement.

The bleach is not transferable to anyone else and must be prescribed by the dentist.