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How We Are All Rock Stars Like Pink!

I love watching the Brit Awards on TV. I’ve even been lucky enough to be in the audience a few times. This year rock star ‘Pink’ won the Outstanding Contribution to Music Award. It’s well deserved, but it was more about something that she said in her acceptance speech that really struck a chord with me.

“Part of the reason I am successful is because I surround myself with people who are better than me.” she claimed.

I’ve always valued this mindset in life. I think many great people share the belief that they can constantly learn from others. Being inspired, expanding and growing their knowledge base.

Looking around, I’m really proud of our national award winning team. I know I’m truly blessed to be surrounded by people who are all outstanding in their field, and who can all show me a thing or two.

Take our receptionists. They’re the queens of multi-tasking and greeting each patient with a smile which instantly instils confidence.

As well as being intuitive and thoroughly on the ball, our dental nurses are full of empathy and have a reassuring word for every patient they see. How they remember every detail about every patient’s life and history is nothing short of remarkable.

As for our dental therapists and hygienist, their knowledge on threats like gum disease and how they constantly keep up to date with the latest treatments is pretty impressive to say the least.

When it comes to being organised, our manager is ridiculously ‘on it’, with a passion for numbers and compliance! Yep, those things just don’t float my boat.

I also have to say, we’re truly honoured to have some highly talented dentists working with us here in our practice.

Dr Adam Grainger is our resident endodontist. He has a master’s degree in endodontics, or root canal treatment, as it’s known. He uses a special dental microscope for all his procedures, ensuring a superior level of care.

Dr Rachael Tyzzer-Smith is well known for her calming nature, gentleness and warmth towards patients. This makes her the perfect choice in treating nervous patients, as well as being an expert Invisalign Provider.

And finally, Dr Zaid Ali is a Restorative Specialist and hospital consultant who we’re incredibly proud to have on our team, providing implants and outstanding oral surgery.

So, although I’m not without my own talents, with over 8 years orthodontic experience and I’m just about to achieve my Invisalign Diploma. Together, we’re a team with a level of expertise that takes some beating. That’s why we’re award-winning, having collected accolades, including Best Patient Care, Best Team and Practice of the Year! That said, I think we’re all rock stars, just like Pink!

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