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Why dental implants can raise your self-esteem and your confidence

There are so many positives when considering an implant that it reaches far beyond a cosmetic change. Losing a tooth through whatever reason can be a very unsettling time, but here at the Dental Studio, there are ways to restore your smile and your self-esteem.

The benefits are life-changing

Dental implants are a hugely popular way to replace missing teeth. Not only do they look great, they are a longer-term solution, which also preserves healthy tissue, keeping your mouth at its best. Dr Zaid Ali (PhD), our restorative specialist, explains that besides the health benefits, an implant can also improve speech, make eating a pleasure again and bring your sparkle back by boosting confidence.

The advantages to choosing a dental implant really mount up. It’s a great way to replace teeth without affecting surrounding teeth. The beauty is that they integrate into the bone, making implants a robust solution that feels much closer to your own teeth.

Enjoy a free consultation

Anyone considering this can have a free consultation with our treatment coordinator who will assess your suitability and thoroughly discuss potential treatment. Following a successful consultation Dr Ali would talk you through the process. He’ll explain how a titanium ‘root’ provides a strong foundation for a replacement tooth, that’s carefully made to match your own teeth. It can be removable, or fixed, and once secured a new dental crown will be added so your new tooth is just like a natural, hardwearing tooth that’ll last a lifetime.

We find it makes such a profound difference to our patients who have previously shied away from smiling and avoided photographs, all because of the appearance of their teeth. Patients needn’t put off treatment, it really can be life changing.

Dr Zaid Ali (PhD) is our restorative specialist

The process is usually straight forward. On your treatment day, you can expect it to take around one or two hours to insert the ‘roots’. These are allowed to settle for around three to six months. During this time, you can wear temporary restoration or full dentures until the final crown can be fitted. They are aesthetically pleasing, vastly improve quality of life and the overall health of the mouth.

Treatment starts from £2,300.00

Prices start from just £2,300. If you’d like a free consultation at our Wakefield studio, speak to our team by calling 01924 822 097 today, or make an appointment online. And let’s start smiling again.